Welcome To The Inner Power Tribe:
A Mystery Monthly Gift Box That Gives You The Tools 
You Need For Inner Transformation
  • Rare Handcrafted Jewellery Made To Aid Your Spiritual Transformation
  • Expand Your Consciousness With Items You Cannot Find Anywhere Else
  • ​Receive Guidance From Spiritual Coaches Inside Our Private Facebook Group
  • Get Access To Many Other Products To Help Your Spiritual Awakening...
🌎 From Across The Globe, Delivered To Your Door 🏠
We Scour The World For The Most Potent Artifacts...
Every year our team goes to remote corners of the planet in search of rare artifacts imbued with spiritual power.

We meet with locals who introduce us to deep wisdom and ancient spiritual traditions. We learn from spiritual masters from remote parts of China, India, Tibet, Thailand, Japan and more.

In these exotic locations, we collaborate with local artisans & monks to retrieve potent gemstones, wearables, amulets, talismans, crystals, home ornaments and more to help awaken your consciousness.

And sometimes, we even get local spiritual masters to accept guiding you inside our private Facebook group...
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Your Favorite Time Of The Month Is Here...
We carefully select 2-3 powerful talismans, amulets, and other spiritual amulets to aid you on your spiritual journey. These extremely rare items are entirely hand-crafted and have absorbed powerful spiritual energies from remote corners of the globe. At the same time each month you will find these items at your doorstep...
REVEALED! What You'll Find Inside This Month...
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Totally Unexpected Items That Help You Take The Next Step...
Sometimes it's hard to know what's next on your spiritual journey. The Inner Power Tribe gives you the opportunity to attract what you need in your life at the right time. Coming from powerful spiritual masters, these items are imbued with the power to help you overcome the difficulties that you're facing.
Be At Peace Today...
These items have a series of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual properties that nourish and revitalise you. You will start feeling calmer, more in control, joyful, vigorous, and full of energy. Their consciousness-expanding properties will bring you in a more intimate relationship with your deeper self. 
What Is The Inner Power Tribe?
As a member of The Inner Power Tribe, you'll be receiving a monthly gift box containing rare & carefully selected spiritual artifacts from our expeditions around the world. These are selected from remote locations around the world, and are often blessed by monks and other spiritual practitioners.
Get Instant Access To The Inner Power Tribe Facebook Group
Now you don't have to travel to remote corners of the world to receive spiritual guidance from the masters. We bring spiritual masters and ancient knowledge to you through our unique Inner Power Tribe Facebook Group.
  • Embark on a journey of spiritual growth & development supported by a like-minded community.
  • ​Receive guidance from spiritual coaches to raise your awareness and reach new states of consciousness & positive energy.
  • ​Find out how others deal with similar issues that you're comforting and how you can best overcome your challenges.
  • Learn the most effective ways to use the items that you receive and be inspired by the positive stories and success of others.
  • ​Get access to the hidden perennial wisdom of the ages, and learn how to use it to attract what you want in your life.
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What You Get As An Inner Power Tribe Member...
  • 2-3 spiritual items per month at 50% below  retail price.
  • ​Inner Power Tribe Facebook group access: join a like-minded community where you can receive guidance from spiritual masters & coaches.
  • Get access to exclusive items. As an Inner Power Tribe member you'll get access to a set of highly-charged spiritual items that we cannot procure in sufficient quantities to sell through our store. These unique items have powerful spiritual properties and are extremely rare. But you'll get full access to all of them!
  • Priority access to our most popular items. When we discover a truly great item, it usually sells out almost instantly. Since we collaborate with local artisans, restocking these items can be difficult. As an Inner Power Tribe member you'll be the first to get access.
  • FREE shipping anywhere in the world.
  • New items every month. You'll never get the same item twice. We ensure that each month's selection is entirely different.
  • Cancel & rejoin anytime. You choose when to join and when to leave the group.
Get High-Vibration Wearables To Awaken Your Higher Consciousness
Includes: Jewellery, Tapestry, Ornaments, Semi-Precious Gems & Stones, Concentration Tools, Spiritual Artwork And More!
Our one-of-a-kind products help raise your vibrational frequency and attain new states of consciousness, personal power, and spiritual growth. As you use them, you will start emanating positive vibrational energy, and you will find that you'll start drawing into your life the people, circumstances and things that you most need and desire.

And inside our Facebook group you'll find all about how you can best make use of the items you receive in order to reach your goals. Spiritual masters with powerful, life-altering ancient knowledge are there and ready to help you out on your journey.
What Inner Power Tribe Members Say...
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, absolutely. Providing as much flexibility and freedom as necessary for inner growth and development to our Inner Power Tribe members is one of our core priorities. To cancel your subscription just send us an email at Admin@SoulMalas.com and we'll take care of it. If you buy an Annual Subscription you'll be eligible for a pro-rated refund too!
How do I get access to the Facebook group?
As soon as you purchase your subscription, we will send you an email which contains all the details you need to get INSTANT access to the Facebook group. Once inside you will be guided by powerful spiritual guides and be able to share your journey with a like-minded community.
Will I liked everything you send me?
While we can't guarantee that you'll like everything we send, you can rest assured that the items are carefully selected based on community feedback and to suit a wide range of tastes and needs. If there's a particular item that you feel isn't a good fit for you, then you can turn this into an opportunity by gifting the said item to someone who needs it.
What are shipping costs like?
We guarantee FREE SHIPPING for all our Inner Power Tribe members anywhere in the world. The package will arrive straight at your doorstep at around the same time each month.
How will items change from month to month?
Our team of experts curates potent spiritual items and makes a careful selection each month. Some months we may choose a certain theme around which the items are organised (for example combatting anxiety and promoting confidence) or select items which address other significant spiritual needs.
What happens if I already have an item you send me?
This is unlikely to happen. The items we procure for our Inner Power Tribe members are items we discover during our yearly expeditions around the world. They are extremely rare, hand-crafted by local artisans, and usually not available through our shop. Even for those rare few which do become available on our shop, as an Inner Power Tribe member you'll be the first in the world to get them.
What Inner Power Tribe Members Say...
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